Basic Servers

These VPS packages offer the right amount of RAM, CPU and SSD storage space that is tailor-made to your needs

Premium Server - 1
Monthly Price = 75 Euro
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Premium Server - 2
Monthly Price = 100 Euro
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OpenVZ VPS is an operating system level virtualisation system that is just a thin layer on top of the underlying OS


Advantage of using OpenVZ VPS

    Choose OpenVZ VPS if you need top-notch flexibility. Our vps are perfect for you and your business as you don't have to pay for resources more than you use. You get exactly what your business requires. No matter what VPS Server you choose for your needs, all storage is based on SSD. When you need more resources, you can easily upgrade your server without being forced to restart your website.

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VPS Openvz is Secure And Reliable

OpenVZ VPS is Secure & Reliable

Our virtual private servers are safe, secured and with our power redundancy you can be assured that they are reliable.

Cloud & SSD performance

Cloud & SSD performance

Whether the plan is OpenVZ VPS, KVM VPS or Dedicated Servers everything runs on SSD.


Customer Support

Whenever you need it, our dedicated sales & support team is ready to assist you at the click of a button.